Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Choro-Q~ Oil Tanker


Hot Wheels 1998 Classic Caddy


Corgi Juniors 1973 Ford Truck Made in GB

******* SOLD ********

Hot Wheels 1997 Buick Wildcat

***** SOLD *****

Hot Wheels 1997 ~ Audi Avus

*** SOLD ***

Hot Wheels 1997 ~ '70 Plymouth Barracuda


Corgi Jrs. 1973 Bertone Barchetta Made in GB


Takara Tomy Daihatsu Midget "ALWAYS"

Featured in Japanese classic movie "Always"; Highly accurate details; Exceptional die-cast model; Carded; Rare.
******  SOLD   ******

Hot Wheels Action Pack Rugrats

This Hot Wheels 1998 Action Pack series is based on the "Rugrats" the Movie. It comes in a large blister pack with the cute babies in action. There are Tommy, Baby Dill, Chuckie and also their vehicle - a green Reptar Wagon. This is an excellent collection for Rugrats lovers. After all you can consider this an old collectable since it was released back in 1998 - 10 years ago.
Mint in pack and I want to let this one go for only RM45 (excluding postage).

Matchbox ~ Police Boat


Matchbox #1 ~ Mercedes Benz CLK Convertible

Excellent die-cast  model; in original box.
*********  SOLD  *******

Matchbox 2008 #52 ~ Austin FX4 Taxi

This is a 2008 Matchbox - Austin FX4 Taxi, # 52 from City Action series, in yellow & white. It has "TAXI 24HR Services" as the decals. This perhaps is a hard-to-find item for Matchbox / Taxi
***********  RM 20.00  **********

MB Off-Road Rider & Baja Bandit