Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hot Wheels 1997 ~ Shelby Cobra

*** SOLD ***

Hot Wheels 2000 Haulers~ Beach Cruiser Retro Bus


Hot Wheels T-hunt 2008 ~ Qombee

Excellent die-cast model; Sealed on card.
 ******  RM 25.00  *****

Hot Wheels T-hunt 2007 ~ '69 Pontiac GTO

Excellent die-cast model; Sealed on card.
  *************  RM 30.00  **************

Hot Wheels 1997 Power Pistons

*** SOLD ***

Hot Wheels 1994 Flintstones Flintmobile

The Flintstones is an animated, prime-time American television sitcom that screened from September 30, 1960 to April 1, 1966, on ABC. Produced by Hanna-Barbera ProductionsThe Flintstones was about a working class Stone Age man's life with his family and his next-door neighbor and best friend.
The show's popularity rested heavily on its juxtaposition of modern everyday concerns in theStone Age setting.
In this fantasyversion of the past, dinosaurssaber-toothed tigerswoolly mammoths, and other long-extinct animals co-exist with barefoot cavemen. Like their 20th-century peers, these cavemen listen to records, live in split-level homes, and eat out at restaurants, yet their technology is made entirely from pre-industrial materials and largely powered through the use of various animals. (from Wikipedia)
A Pebbles Bedrock Shop Exclusive; a 1995 Special Edition by Hot Wheels; Drench the car in warm water and watch the Flintmobile change colors from Bedrock brown to 90's neons; Rare model; carded.
***   SOLD  ***

Hot Wheels 1998 First Editions ~ Dairy Delivery "Got Milk"

Excellent die-cast model; Sealed on card.
  **********  RM 35.00   **********

Hot Wheels 1997 Sugar Rush Series Set of 4 cars


Johnny Lightning Coca-Cola Calendar Girl ~ '49 Mercury

Excellent die-cast model; nice graphics.

Johnny Lightning Coke Calendar Girl - '55 Chevy Cameo Pickup

Excellent die-cast model; Sealed in original packaging.
*** SOLD ***

Johnny Lightning X-Men "Rogue" VW


Johnny Lightning X-Men "MAGNETO" 1984 Oldsmobile

RM 45.00

Johnny Lightning X-Men "Jean Grey"1965 Ford Mustang

RM 45.00

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hot Wheels 1997 ~ Rescue Ranger

****** SOLD *****

Matchbox #15 ~ Police Bus

****** RM 25.00 ******

Hot Wheels 1996 Action Pack RACING (@ RM55)

Refuel at the pit-stop! Buckle up for side-by-side competition and hair-raising finish!
This is a 1996 Hot Wheels Action Pack "RACING". It comes with 2 cars with Hot Wheels and Mattel logo. There are also 2 pit-stop crews in action with the race car driver. The bubble on the pack however, has a little dent on the top left. The card is in excellent condition with no creases or tear. Add action packs to your other HW sets for only RM55 (excluding postage)!

****** SOLD *****

Hot Wheels 1998 Nissan Truck

*** SOLD ***

Tomica Limited ~ Nissan Primera

******** SOLD *********

Tomy Tomica - Nissan March


Majorette Racing Series - Mitsubishi Pajero

***  RM 20.00   ***

Tomica Limited ~ Vintage Hato Bus (yellow)

***** SOLD *****

Tomica Limited - Mazda Cosmo (Yellow&black Japan box)


Hot Wheels 1997 ~ Jaguar XJ220


Hot Wheels 1998 Propper Chopper

*** SOLD ***

Matchbox 1983 ~ Midnight Magic made in HK


Matchbox 1983 ~ GREASED LIGHTNIN made in Macau


Lledo Made in England ~1932 "Boots" Dennis Delivery Van

*** SOLD ***

Hot Wheels T-Hunt 2009 ~ '55 Chevy

Here's a must have for t-hunt collectors - a 2009 TH #10 of 12, short card (Europe card).
This little gem is in pink, probably a craze for 'hot-pink' HWs car collectors. It has cool flame-like tampos. Mint in card. 
*** SOLD ***

Hot Wheels 2006 First Edition NISSAN Titan

**************   SOLD *************

Tomica #71 ~ Suzuki Wagon R

  in rare blister pack.
  *************    SOLD   ************

Hot Wheels 1998 Corvette Stingray

**** SOLD *****

Hot Wheels 2004 T-hunt- '34 3-WINDOW

Excellent model; Sealed on card.
*****************   SOLD     *****************