Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Corgi Fighting Machines ~ Hummer Utility "Operation Desert Storm"

  • Authentic replica; intricate die-cast details; highly collectible; unique display stand; comes with an informative full-color data card & can be mounted on the display plinth; Rare;

  • ****************** SOLD ********************

Takara Tomy ~ ROBO-Q

  • RQ-03 Retro Red; C Band; Artificial Inteligence remote control robot; Bipedal locomotion; requires 4 AA batteries (not included) ; Ages 15+; brand new; mint in box.
  • ******************* SOLD *********************

James Camerons AVATAR ~ Norm Spellman

  • Spellman's bookish good nature and remarkable intellect conceal a warrior's heart. His encyclopedic knowledge of Pandora and the Na' vi language and customs. Experienced avatar and psilink operator.
  • detailed movie replica; highly articulated; collectable figure; comes with webcam i-TAG; mint and still sealed in box;
  • ********************* RM 65.00 ******************

Tomy ~ Pop-Up Pirate! Treasure Island

  • Roll the die, search for the right key - can you remember where it was? but watch out ! The hurricane will muddle up all the barrels and you won't find the keys!
  • Unlock the chest to take the treasure, but be careful- don't disturb the poppin' Pirate! The first to grab six coins beat the pirate and wins the game.
  • Be the best, unlock the chest - but be sure no to wake the pirate's rest!; funtastic board game from TOMY; 2-4 players; ages 4+
  • Mint in box; never been opened; superb value.
  • *************** RM 40.00 ****************

Fabbri James Bond ~ Leyland Sherpa "The Spy Who Loved Me"

High quality die-cast model; outstanding realism; superb diorama layout; comes with 2 figures inside the van; perpex display box with labels; Rare.
**************** SOLD ***************

Disney High School Musical 3 Senior Year ~ GABRIELLA

  • It's senior year! And what's the East High crew doing until the long-awaited graduation day? On the path she's always dreamed of, Gabriella faces a future with some surprises.
  • Excellent figure based on the famous TV show and later made into a series of movies; unopened mint in box; outer box shows some wear especially on edges.
  • ****************** RM 40.00 *******************

Nickelodeon Avatar Airbender~ Air Attack Battle Glider

based on Nickelodeon TV series, AVATAR- The Legend of Aang; fits other 6-inch Avatar figures sold separately;
transforms for Air and Land combat; vehicle launchers propel air blasts at enemy forces; Press button to deploy wings; launch grappling hook to climb walls or to secure the glider.
Unopened but outer box shows some wear and scuffings from storage; very collectable; Rare.
   ***************   RM 60.00   *************

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Matchbox 2000 ~ Military Complete Set of 5

1) Amphibious Personnel Carrier

2) Missile Launcher

3) Ford Expedition

4) Humvee

5) M443 Sherman Tank
Stunning 5 die-cast models from Matchbox 2000 Military Series; High quality & Superb details and carded; Very Rare; Very collectible.
  **************  SOLD  *************

Corgi James Bond 007 ~ Space Shuttle "Moonraker"

Billionaire industrialist Hugo Drax plans to destroy all human life and create a perfect race to populate his secret space station orbiting earth. Bond and CIA agent Holly Goodhead travel the globe in a race against time to defeat the eccentric villain by sending him into orbit forever.
The duo infiltrate the launch pad of Drax's secret fleet of Moonraker space shuttles which are being used to transport his 'master race' to space. With fully qualified astronaut Holly at the controls of Moonraker 6 and Bond at the deadly laser gun, they head off to destroy Drax and save the world from a deadly virus.
superb model based on the movie; securely sealed in original box; comes with detachable parts as shown in the illustration on the base of the box; highly collectable, Very Rare.
**************   RM 140.00    ****************

Minichamps~ Ford Mondeo

  • Superb die-cast model; great details & features of a Rally car ; excellent tampos; hard perspex display case;
  • ***************** RM 75.00 *******************

Monday, December 27, 2010

Hot Wheels Oil Can Ltd Ed~ '63 Cadillac Coupe De Ville

  • Oil Can packaging Limited edition; 1 of 15,000 worldwide; Superb die-cast details; unique display packaging; Rare.
  • ************* SOLD  ************

Corgi Fighting Machines ~ M1 Abrams Tank "Operation Iraqi Freedom"

authentic replica; intricate die-cast details; highly collectable; unique display stand; boxed.
 **************   SOLD    ************