Friday, November 26, 2010

Tomica #21 ~ Honda Step WGN (beige)

Scale 1/64; Excellent diecast model; boxed.
************* RM 20.00 ****************

Hot Wheels Speed Machines ~ Panoz GTR-1 (grey)

very nice model; carded.
  ************  SOLD   **************

Fabbri James Bond ~ Moon Buggy "Diamonds Are Forever"

  • Remarkable details; comes with James Bond figure manning the buggy; taken from a scene of the Bond Classics; splendid diorama; perspex box with labels.
  • ****************** SOLD *****************

Tomica Long Vehicle #127~ Isuzu Giga Full Trailer Dump

Outstanding die-cast model; Splendid details; with tilting function; boxed.
************* RM 50.00 ************

Corgi Fighting Machines ~ F4 Phantom "Blue Angels" US Navy

  • splendid die-cast details; Authentic replica; Highly collectable; boxed.
  • **************** SOLD ******************

Hot Wheels Speed Machines ~ '09 Nissan GT-R SpecV

superb die-cast model; Rare; Carded.
 *************** RM 40.00 ***************

Hot Wheels 1997 Dealers Choice Series #3 of 4~ Baja Bug

Amazing tampos; heavy diecast model; Carded from 1997 series; Rare.
************* RM 55.00 **********

Fabbri James Bond ~ Audi 200 Quattro "The Living Daylights"

super-fine diecast model; featured in "The Living Daylights; diorama-type display box with labels; very collectable.
***********    SOLD   ***********

Lledo Days Gone ~ 1937 Scammel Tanker "MOBIL"

Awesome vintage die-cast model; Made in England; Excellent color & liveries; original box.
   ******************** SOLD *******************

Tomica #64 ~ Toyota Mark X

Scale 1/61; high-quality die-cast model; opening doors; suspension wheels; boxed.
**************   RM 20.00    *************

Hot Wheels 1991 #76 ~ Kenworth Big Rig

Superb diecast model; high quality & heavy die-cast; Carded; Rare.
********** SOLD   **********

Fabbri James Bond ~ Gaz Volga "Goldeneye"

  • superb diecast model featured in James Bond movie "Goldeneye"; comes with figures. diorama taken from an actual scene of the movie; highly collectable; very rare.
  • ************** RM 130.00   **************

Lledo Days Gone ~ 1955 VW Transporter Van "Esso Paraffin"

Made in England; superb die-cast model; realistic features; awesome vintage liveries; boxed.
    ******************** SOLD ******************

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fabbri James Bond ~ Rolls Royce Phantom III

Six times a year, Auric Goldfinger takes a trip across Europe in his beautiful, classic 1937 Rolls-Royce Phantom III. But the bodywork has been replaced by 18-carat gold and his factory in Switzerland is smelting it down into approximately 2-tons of gold bullion.
Bond, who has been patiently keeping tabs on Goldfinger, spies his quarry in his factory, and realises the villain is obviously financing something big.
Splendid die-cast model; featured car in "Goldfinger"; stunning details; with 'Oddjob figure'; diorama type display box with labels; RARE.

************ SOLD ***********

Matchbox Best of International #1 ~ 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA

Excellent model; Rare; Mint in Pack;
************ SOLD **************

Fabbri James Bond~ Chevrolet C10 Ambulance "Moonraker"

  • Excellent die cast model; realistic features; diorama type box with labels; very collectable; Rare.
  • ******************   SOLD  ********************

Fabbri James Bond ~ Lotus Esprit (white/helicopter chase) "The Spy Who Loved Me"

superb model; realistic features; diorama type display box with labels; taken from a scene of "The Spy Who Loved Me".
*********** RM 130.00   **********