Thursday, September 30, 2010

Takara Tomy ~ Tomica Town Road Set

Excellent item; Wide 108cm , Depth 71,2cm; Road set to complete your town scene; brand new; unopened, still in box; heavy box about 2.5 kg.
What's a town without a road system. Build your own road system according to various road designs to choose from; parts of road can be assemble like a jigsaw puzzle.
**************  SOLD   ************

Mattel DC Universe ~ Justice League Unlimited

Revealed to be a clone of SUPERGIRL, GALATEA leads an army of cloned ultramen against THE WATCHTOWER. With SUPERMAN and the other founding members gone, HUNTRESS helps the J.L.U fight of the invaders.
Excellent set of 3 figures; brand new in pack; superb value; below retail price.
     ************* RM 45.00 ************

Fabbri James Bond~ Bentley 4 1/4

  • highly detailed die-cast model; awesome diorama; scene from Bond's movie "From Russia With Love"; perspex display box with labels; Rare.
  • *********************** SOLD **********************

Hot Wheels Batman 1/50 Series 3 ~ 1966 Batcycle with sidecar

Superb model; scale 1/43; carded.
*************  SOLD  ************

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tomica Thomas Train series ~ ARTHUR (maroon)

excelllent die-cast model of a character from Thomas Train & Friends; Rare; boxed.
************ RM 30.00 ***********

Corgi Wheelz ~ F-86 Sabre "Heller Bust"- Korea

  • Authentic replica; Intricate die-cast details; comes with unique display stand; boxed; Rare model.
  • ******************** SOLD *******************


Superb 10-inch figure of BATMAN IN NEW BATSUIT; exquisitely sculpted features; refined paint details; critical points of articulation; comes with Batman high tech weaponaries.
Brand New in box; selling below retail; Excellent value.
   ************  SOLD   ***********

Fabbri James Bond~ Austin Mini "On Her Majesty's Secret Service"

Stunning die-cast model; articulately detailed; diorama taken from an actual scene of the movie "On Her Majesty's Secret Service"; comes with figure driver; Very hard to find; perspex box with labels.
  ************* RM 135.00  ************

Mattel DC Universe Crisis ~ Three Pack series 8

  • Superbly sculpted set of 3 figures - Weather Wizard, Flash I & Mirror Master.
  • Weather Wizard - Status: Villain; Special abilities- weather wand projects "Eolic" energy to change the weather.
  • Flash I- Status: Hero ; Special abilities: can run at near speed light.
  • Mirror Master- Status: Hero; Special abilities: reflective weapons make opponents fight themselves or transport them to a mirror dimension.
  • Excellent value; brand new in box; selling below retail.
  • ******************* RM 38.00 *******************

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mattel Batman ~ THE JOKER

  • Superb 10-inch scale figure of THE JOKER with exquisitely sculpted features; refined paint details and critical points of articulation; comes with 2 accessories; as featured in the movies starring Oscar winner Heath Ledger as THE JOKER;
  • perfect for play or display; selling below retail price.
  • ************** RM 45.00 *****************

Corgi Collection Helicopters~ Westland Wessex The Queens Flight

  • Authentic replica; Intricate die-casr details; unique display stand; boxed; Rare.

  • ****************** RM 65.00 *****************

Hot Wheels Slick Rides #3~ '55 Chevy Panel 'Good Year'

Stunning die-cast model; Real Riders features; rubber tires; unique model; opening trunk with motorcycle cargo; carded; Rare.
  *************  SOLD  ***********

Hot Wheels Batman 1/50 scale ~ 1966 THE PENGUIN BATMOBILE

Excellent model; mint in pack; hard to find model.
*************    RM 95.00   ***********

Mattel DC Universe Crisis ~ Three Pack series 5

  • Excellent set of 3 figures - Green Lantern, Black Canary & Green Arrow; brand new in box; selling below retail price.
  • ****************** SOLD ********************

Corgi Collection ~ Augusta Bell 260B Jet Ranger II British European Airways

  • Stunning die-cast model; authentic details; comes with pastic display stand; boxed; Rare.
  • ******************* SOLD *******************

Tomica White Box~ Toyota Celica (chrome)

Special edition; superb die-cast details; stunning chrome finish; suspension wheels; opening doors; boxed.
************  SOLD    *****************

Lledo Cargo Kings ~ Artic GOODYEAR

Scale 1/76; Made in England; superb die-cast details; Rare; boxed.
   *************** SOLD ******************