Thursday, June 30, 2011

Vanguards ~ Commer Dropside "GUINNESS EXTRA STOUT"

Superb die-cast model; Scale 1/64; Stunning details; in original box.
************  SOLD  ************

Matchbox 2011 #22 ~ Karmann Ghia Convertible (red)

Excellent model; Carded.
********** RM 20.00   ***********

Onyx ~ Williams-Renault 1997 German GP

Scale 1/43; Outstanding quality die-cast model with driver figure; F1 car was driven by Heinz-Harald Frentzen during German GP 1997; special display box with mirror  with labels and signature.
************ RM 100.00  ***********

Matchbox 2011 #71 ~ Aqua King (green)

Excellent model; cool color variation; carded.
************  RM 15.00  **********

De Agostini ~ AMX-30 (501 RCC France 1982)

Authentic die-cast replica; Precision details; displays in perspex box with label; Rare.
*************  SOLD  ***********

Lledo DG Vanguards ~ 1957 Bristol "ICI DULUX"

Excellent die-cast model; Made in England; stunning liveries/ advertisement signage; in original box.
*************  RM 70.00   ***********

Fabbri James Bond ~ ZIL-117 "Casino Royale"

After Bond has dispatched Obanno and his bodyguard in a brutal hand-to-hand fight, Rene Mathis is tasked with disposing of the bodies. Rather than just dumping them in a shallow grave, Mathis cunningly arranges for them to be placed in the boot of a Russian ZiL-117 that's sitting in the hotel car park.
The ZiL-117 was in production from 1972-1985 and featured a 7-litre V8 engine that powered its considerable mass to a top speed of 125mph, making it the fastest Soviet-made passenger car of the 1970s. It was often used as an escort car for Politburo members who did not qualify for the larger ZiL-114.
Stunning die-cast model; Highly detailed replica; Scale 1/43; perspex display box with label.
**********  SOLD  **********

Hot Wheels 2011 #89 ~ Ford Mustang Fastback (black red stripes)

Excellent die-cast model; Carded.
***********   RM 15.00   ************

Hot Wheels 2008 #59 ~ Split Decision

Excellent model; carded.
***********  RM 15.00  ***********

Matchbox 2011 #36 ~ Bentley Continental GT (silver)

Ecxellent model; nice rims; carded.
***********  SOLD  *************

Atlas Editions ~ Borgward Isabella Coupe (white)

Scale 1/43; Stunning die-cast model; outstanding precision details; realistic rubber tires, hubcaps, grills. headlamps, backlight etc; displays on plastic base with labels; original outer box; rare.
**************  RM 145.00  ************

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hallmark Keepsake Magic ~ Star Wars: His Master's Bidding ( from The Phantom Menace)

At the height of his power, Emperor Palpatine commands even the mighty Darth Vader to do his evil bidding. Sensing a threat in the strength of the Force that lies within the young Luke Skywalker, he orders Vader to destroy the boy.
Vader's desire to turn Luke to the dark side instead sets in motion events that shape the destiny of all and the ultimate battle between good and evil.
Very unique Christmas ornament produced exclusively by Hallmark; this was only available on limited time and was only offered to customers who bought Hallmark merchandise/product; Designed by Kristina Kline-Gaughran ; battery operated; At a push of a button the item will lit-up with sounds of the exact conversation between Palaptine & Vaderwith as was in the movie;  super-cool item; Rare; highly collectable especially to Star Wars fans/collectors; original retail price USD32.95
************  SOLD   ***********

Matchbox 2011 #95 ~ '68 Toyota Land Cruiser (dark blue/white)

Excellent die-cast model; Nice color variation; Carded.
***********  RM 30.00   **********

Alfa Romeo Collection ~ Alfetta 1972 (silver)

Scale 1/43; superb die-cast model; Excellent details; rubber tires, realistic rims, grill etc; displays on a special plastic plinth with labels; Rare.
****************  SOLD    *************

Matchbox 2011 #38 ~ '57 GMC Pickup (black)

Excellent die-cast model; carded.
************   RM 15.00   **********

Matchbox 2011 #60 ~ Express Delivery "DARTS" (light blue)

Excellent die-cast model; interesting tampos; carded.
**********  RM 15.00   **********

Alfa Romeo Alfasud ti (1972)

Excellent die-cast model; Scale 1/43; superb details; driven by A.Merzario in Corsa Friulli Varano rally; displays on plastic plinth with labels; Rare.
**************   SOLD  **************