Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hot Wheels Set of 2 ~ Batman vs Catwoman

Excellent set of 2 vehicles : Batmobile & Dairy Delivery; Super rare chrome Batmobile; amazing graphics on the Dairy Delivery; carded; Highly collectable.
*************    SOLD     *************

Corgi American La France ~ Aerial Ladder Truck

  • The American La France Aerial Ladder Truck is one of the largest fire rescue vehicles in service. It was customarily built for special operating conditions or specific fire department preference.Whilst incorporating many of the operating features of the 4-wheel chasis models, it has additional advantages.

  • Seating for five men is provided in the tractor unit with the tillerman being seated at the rear of the vehicle, providing complete visibility. Tiller, windshield, seat and steering are permanently mounted, yet do not interfere with the ladder operation. The turning radius of the American La France is only 24 ft.

  • Outstanding quality die-cast model; Precision details; rotating and retractable ladder; comes with firemen figures operating the vehicle for extra realism; model is in mint condition and still in original box.

  • ******************** SOLD ***************

Disney Pixar Toy Story 3 ~ HAMM ON WHEELS

very cute model based on a character in Toy Story 3; carded; highly collectable.
************   RM 30.00   ************

Fabbri James Bond ~ Aston Martin DBS _damaged without door

  • Featured car in "Quantum of Solace"; taken from the adrenalin-pumping chasing scene in which Bond survived but left the Aston Martin scratched & damaged yet still driveable.
  • ***********  SOLD   **********

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hot Wheels Batman Begins~ Batcycle with Batman riding the bike

  • Superb model of Batman in action (riding the Batcycle); carded; Rare.

  • ******************* RM 50.00 ****************

Corgi Solido A Century of Cars ~ Morris Minor

  • Made in France; excellent die-cast model; original box.
  • ************  SOLD   **********

Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Vol.3 ~ Nissan Leopard

Scale 1/66; Tohomeisha-Za special edition; special packaging; authentic diecast details; rubber tires etc; sealed never been opened; Rare.*************** RM 85.00 *************

Johnny Lightning KISS edition ~ Paul Stanley

amazing die-cast model of a dragster; rubber wheels; special KISS edition; superb KISS/Paul Stanley tampos; highly collectable.  **********  SOLD *********

Matchbox 2009 ~ Colet K/30 Jaguar

Authentic die-cast parts; superb model; with real working parts: lift & lower the arm also moving spray nozzle; carded;
************  RM 55.00   **********

Hot Wheels Batman 1/50 scale~ Comic Book BATMOBILE

Since its first appearance in the 1940s, the futuristic gadgets and unique styling of the Batmobile appealed to car lovers everywhere;Excellent model; carded; rare.
   *************   RM 120.00    **************

Disney Pixar The World of CARS ~ SHERIFF

Excellent model; carded.
************    SOLD   **************

Hot Wheels OilCan SHELL Edition ~ '57 Ford Ranchero

Stunning model in SHELL liveries; Limited Edition 1 of 15000 worldwide; Very collectable; Rare.
  ************ SOLD  *************

Hot Wheels Monster Duo ~ Set of 2 Batmobiles

  • Awesome set of 2 Batmobiles : BatMonster truck & Batmobile; Carded; Rare.

  • *************** SOLD *************

Matchbox 1996 ~ Military Hospital_ 14 piece Fold Up Set

Size 7" x 6 " ; excellent fold-up set; from 1996 Matchbox series; good condition; never been opened/played with; Rare.   ************* SOLD ***********

Fabbri James Bond ~ Bondola "Moonraker"

    Bond is enjoying a leisurely trip along the canals of Venice in a gondola when a knife-throwing assassin appears out of a coffin on a funeral barge and kills his gondolier. Reacting quickly, Bond opens a hidden control panel that turns the gondola into a speedboat and he roars off down the narrow waterways, only to be pursued by a machine gun- wielding thug in another speedboat.
    Bringing chaos to the normally tranquil and sedate canals of Venice, Bond manages to evade his pursuers before he reaches St. Mark's Square. Here, Bond presses a concealed button on the other side of the gondola, turning it into a hovercraft and he glides up some steps, out of reach of the following boat.
superb model; one of the most unique vehicles featured in the James Bond movies.
********** SOLD ***********

Friday, March 18, 2011

Kenner Batman & Robin ~ Redbird

Stunning die-cast model from Kenner 1997 edition; still sealed in pack; card shows some age & storage wear.
*************** SOLD   **************

Hot Wheels 2004 ~ #152 Dairy Delivery Demonition "Griffin"

Splendid die-cast model; amazing graphics; red rims ; carded.
************  SOLD    ************