Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Matchbox #57 ~ VW Transporter "Richie's Pizzeria"

  • **************** SOLD ****************

Gama Mini ~ VW Golf AVD

  • vintage die-cast; Made in Hong Kong; very rare model and decals, opening front doors, hood and trunk.
  • *********** RM 120.00 ************

Lledo Battle of Britain 1940 ~ The Royal Air Force Ground Crew Support Set

Made in England, very rare set; includes 3 different replica vehicles used by R.A.F; to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain; comes with a Limited edition certificate.
   ************** SOLD ***************

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lledo Days Gone Trackside ~ AEC Mammoth with Artic Low Loader & Cylinder Load Liner

Scale 1/76; The Days Gone Trackside Collection recaptures all the charm and nostalgia of the 1930's era. The realism, detail & scale of this superb range perfectly compliments 'OO' scale model railway layout.
  *********** SOLD ************

Fabbri James Bond ~ Mercedes 600 (silver) "On Her Majesty's Secret Service"

As Blofeld speeds past 007's Aston Martin, his henchwoman, Irma Bunt, leans out of the rear window and sprays machine-gun fire at the newlywed Bonds. This tragic twist is the classiest drive-by on screen.
an amazing diecast replica in a diorama scene from the movie "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" includes two villains figure - one driving the car, the other on the backseat with a machine gun.

*********   RM 130.00  ***********

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Corgi DetailCar ~ BMW502 Cabriolet (cream)

excellent detail replica; in splendid cream finish; on a special labeled plinth in a perspex display box.
***********  SOLD   ***********

Moskvitch 427 Wagon (made in U.S.S.R)

  • Made in U.S.S.R; Scale 1:43 ; very rare model ; rubber tires ; original box is in very good condition.
  • ************** SOLD *************

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tomica Limited Vintage ~ Toyota Corolla 1200

exceptionally detailed dicast replica, authentic vintage colour.
*********** SOLD **********

Tomica Disney DM-07 ~ Tigger Bus from Winnie the Pooh

very cute and charming details (notice the spare tire on the roof)
*********** RM 35.00 ***********

Tomica Disney DM-08 ~ Minnie Mouse Car

Excellent die-cast model; original box.
********** RM 35.00 **********

Tomica Limited ~ Skyline 2000 GT-R_KPGC110 (white)

  • Remarkable vintage Nissan Skyline model in a special labelled box.

  • ********** SOLD *********

Tomica Disney D-28 ~ Mitsuoka ViewT "Nightmare Before Christmas" (light brown)

splendid tampos, high quality die-cast.
********** SOLD *********

Taccar ~ Isuzu Bonnet bus

  • awesome details, fantastic colors; comes with a unique Japanese signboard.
  • ************ SOLD ***********

Tomica Disney DM-09 ~ Piglet Scooter

excellent model; cute design; boxed
********* RM 35.00  ********

Hot Wheels Fire Rods #4 ~ Honda Civic Si

Metal body; Authentic decos.
*********** SOLD ***********

Tomica Long #127 ~ Van Shop Mikami Tentmushi & Coro

Scale 1/55, splendid design & high quality diecast.
   *********** RM 55.00 **********

Corgi 007 James Bond ~ Mustang Mach 1 "Diamonds Are Forever"

  • die-cast metal body and chasis; includes free collector card.
  • ********** SOLD ***********

Fabbri James Bond ~ Citroen 2CV "For Your Eyes Only"

an amazing diecast replica in a diorama scene from the movie "For Your Eyes Only"; includes a James Bond figure driving the car.
  ********* SOLD **********

Lledo Vanguards ~ Ford Anglia (yellow)

Made in England; 1/43 Scale; highly detailed dicast replica.
  **********   SOLD   ********

Hot Wheels 2010 #069/214 ~ Mitsubishi Double Shotz

************* RM 15.00 ***************

Matchbox Star Car ~ K.I.T.T. Knight Rider

Matchox Special edition from the popular 80'S TV series.
************ SOLD ***********

Lledo Vanguards ~ Morris Minor Traveller (almond green)

Made in England, detailed dicast model; Scale 1:43, with certificate, side front mirrors still on sprue.
   ***********   SOLD   ***********

Tomica Pokemon P-04 ~ Naetle Car

Superb die-cast model; unique design & tampos; suspension wheels; boxed
**********    RM 30.00    ************

Tomica Limited #0076 ~ Honda Vamos

unique die-cast replica; rare; boxed
  ************** RM 55.00   ***************

Hot Wheels 2010 #029/214 ~ Citroen C4 Rally (red)

************  SOLD  ***************

Corgi 007 The Definitive Bond Collection ~ BMW 750i "Tomorrow Never Dies"

  • During a dramatic chase in Hamburg car park, Bond finds himself driving his BMW by remote control- from the backseat.
  • Aided by 12 heat-seeking missiles, chain cutter, re-flatable tyres, teargas jets, and a tyre shredding spike dispenser, he dismisses Carver's thugs with ease, proving not all "backseat drivers" are to be ignored.
  • highly detailed 1/36 scale model with working features (missiles launchers on the roof)
  • *********** SOLD **********

Tomica Disney D-41~ Suzuki Alto "Alice in Wonderland"

suspension wheels, Scale 1/57.
  ********** RM 35.00 ********