Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Johnny Lightning the Simpsons ~ Springfield Elementary School Bus

  • Springfield Springs to Life...in 1/64 scale from one of the longest-lasting comedies on TV.
  • Superb die-cast model; card shows some wear and bends from years of storage; highly collectible; Rare.
  • ******************* SOLD ***************

Hot Wheels 2011 #79 ~ Lamborghini Reventon (orange)

striking color variation; Carded.
 ***********  SOLD   ***********

Ban Dai 1995 ~ Saban's Masked Rider Collectible Figure A

Dex, a teenager boy from a world light years away, is forced to flee his planet in the wake of devastation caused by Count Dregon, the supreme warlord of the universe. His next target is planet Earth.
Using newly acquired powers, Dex can transmutate into the powerful Masked Rider or the nearly invincible Masked Rider Super Gold. Masked Rider is Earth's last defense against the most sinister and destructive force in the universe.
cool pose on a special base; old edition from BanDai America 1995; carded; rare.
   *************** RM 27.00 ***********

Johnny Lightning the Amazing Spider-Man #23 ~ 'VW Samba Bus

  • amazing die-cast model; awesome graphics; carded; some minor bends on upper left corner of card;
  • ****************** SOLD ****************

Hot Wheels 2010 #009 ~ Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera (green)

superb model; carded.
**********  SOLD  ************

ERTL Batman Returns ~ CATWOMAN

from 1992 series by ERTL; amazing die-cast details; excellent card considering its age; Rare.
************  SOLD   *************

Johnny Lightning Calendar Girl Series #5 ~ '29 Ford Model A

100% die-cast body and chasis; period-correct cars date-matched to authentic Coca-Cola graphics; bonus reproduction Calendar PhotoCard.
   ***********  SOLD  ***********

Hot Wheels 2011 #39 ~ Ferrari 458 Italia (yellow)

stunning die-cast model; carded.
************ SOLD  ************

Hot Wheels 2010 #017 ~ Ducati 1098R (red)

excellent model; nice color variation; carded.
************ SOLD *************

Monday, February 21, 2011

Fabbri James Bond ~ Cadillac Hearse "Diamonds Are Forever"

Disguised as smuggler Peter Franks, Bond picks up the casket containing the body of the real Franks when he lands at the LA Airport. He's met by three heavies, eager for Bond to join them in the hearse for the drive to Slumber Inc, which is a front for part of the smuggling operation. 
The drive to the funeral home is uneventful until Bond is knocked out by Wint and Kidd. He comes around inside a coffin and is about to be cremated and only survives thanks to the fact that the diamonds he smuggled inside Franks body have been exchanged for fakes.
outstanding precision die-cast model featured in "Diamonds Are Forever; superb details; perspex display box with labels.
****************** SOLD *********************

Hot Wheels 2011~ #161/244 Hummer H2 SUT

Cool, mean machine model; Carded. 
   **********   RM 15.00   **********

Hot Wheels 2011~ #163/244 Pontiac Firebird

remarkable model; cool color and tampos; carded.  

  *************   SOLD   **********

Corgi~ The Golden Compass: Magisterium Carriage

  • Collector Miniature Vehicle with Mrs Couller and Lyra Belacqua figurines.
  • outstanding model based on the novel and movie; outer box has a few dents and crushings on the upper front box; all figures and models are sealed and secured in the unopened box;
  • for Adult collectors. not suitable for children.
  • ****************** SOLD ****************

Hot Wheels 2011~ #16/244 Megane Trophy (yellow)

excellent model; strikingly cool color & tampos; carded.
  ***********   SOLD  **********

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Corgi Tour De France Set of 3 ~ Ferrari, Jaguar & Mini

  • Limited edition; Remarkable set of 3 cars participated in 1963 Tour De France : Ferrari, Jaguar, Mini ; precision details; comes with numbered certificate; boxed; Rare.
  • ******************* RM 275.00 *****************

Kenner 1997 Batman & Robin ~ Freezemobile

fantastic die-cast model from Kenner; made in 1997; heavy die-cast; Carded; card shows some scuffings & soft on corners from years of storage; Rare.
***************  RM 75.00  *************