Friday, March 30, 2012

Corgi Limited Edition Marvel Super Heroes ~ Captain America Set of 2 vehicles

Stunning set of 2 die-cast vehicles: VW Van and Ford Popular Van; Superb graphics; comes with limited edition Certificate of authenticity; in original box.
*************  RM 195.00  ***********

LEGO Minifigures Series 6 ~ Mechanic

Brand new and mint condition; Briefly opened from original packaging for photo purposes; comes with base,  accessories as in photos and pamphlet.
**********  RM 20.00  **********

Tomica Anniversary ~ Toyota Soarer 2800 GT

Stunning die-cast model; Scale 1/65; suspension wheels, opening doors; original box.
 ************  RM 30.00  ***********

LEGO Minifigures Series 3 ~ Race Car Driver

Original LEGO Minifigure from Series 3; Item is in mint condition, briefly displayed; Carefully opened from its original packaging; comes with base and pamphlet.
  **********  SOLD  ********

Hot Wheels 2011 #149 ~ Camaro Convertible Concept (grey)

Excellent die-cast model; Sealed on card.
 **********  RM 15.00   ***********

Matchbox 2011 #90 ~ '72 Ford Bronco 4x4 (green)

Superb die-cast model; Sealed on card.
 **********  RM 15.00  *********

LEGO Star Wars Minifigure ~ Anakin Skywalker with light saber

Excellent LEGO minifigure with light saber; comes from an original Star Wars boxset; Model is in mint condition, briefly displayed for photo-taking purposes; Selling as it is; what you see is what you get.
 **********  SOLD  *********

Hot Wheels 5-Pack ~ HW Tunerz

Excellent set of 5 die-cast models; Includes a rare color variation Lancer Evolution, Mitsubishi Eclipse, 24/seven and Super Gnat, Asphalt Assault; Brand new, Unopened and Sealed in special box-set.
 ************  RM 50.00  ***********

Matchbox 2011 #59 ~ SWAT Truck (black)

Excellent die-cast model;  Realistic tampos; Sealed on card.
 **********  RM 15.00  **********

Mattel Green Lantern Battle Shifters ~ Blade Attack Hal Jordan

Excellent model with figure and accessories; Instantly transforms to Cannon Turret from Saw Blade; Include Secret Files Booklet; Brand new; Sealed in original packaging.
 ***********  RM 30.00  ***********

Hot Wheels 2011 #149 ~ Camaro Convertible Concept (purple)

Excellent die-cast model; Pizza type wheels; Sealed on card.
***********  RM 15.00   ***********

Hot Wheels 2011 #137 ~ AMC Greased Gremlin (black)

Excellent die-cast model; Sealed on card.
**********  RM 15.00  ***********

LEGO Minifigures Series 5 ~ English Royal Guard

The steadfast Royal Guard is utterly devoted to his job as a protector of the palace and the royal family. In rain or shine, in hot summer sun or freezing winter night, he can always be found standing at his post at perfect attention, staring straight ahead with his tall, furry hat on his head and his ceremonial rifle in place at his shoulder.No matter how much you try to distract the Royal Guard, he will never even blink an eye.
Original LEGO Minifigure; Brand new from Series 5; carefully opened from original packaging and briefly displayed for photo-taking purposes; include gun and black base.
*********   RM 23.00  **********

Hot Wheels Ferrari Racer ~ Dino 246 GT (yellow)

Excellent die-cast model; Great details; Sealed on card.
  ***********  SOLD  ************

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Disney PIXAR CARS ~ Race Tow Truck Tom

Excellent model; Superb details; Sealed on card.
***********  RM 50.00  ************